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1/2pcs 5 Feet Artificial Tree Faux Monstera Deliciosa Plant for Home Indoor and Outdoor

Highlights:1.Vivid and Verdant Appearance: Leaves of the artificial tree imitate real monstera deliciosa leaves, providing realistic texture and touch. Moreover,

12Pcs Artificial Boxwood Topiary Hedge Plant Grass Backdrop Fence Privacy Screen Grass Wall Decoration For Balcony Garden Fence

Highlights:1.Shows a more realistic appearance via green shaped leaves2.Perfect for covering ugly views, turn them into a brand new look

2 Pack 4 Feet Artificial Monstera Deliciosa Plants for Home Office

Highlights:1.Full and Realistic Appearance: The artificial plant, truly imitating the monstera deliciosa plant features lush and vivid green leaves, lifelike

2 Pack Artificial Monstera Deliciosa Tree with 10 Leaves of Different Sizes

Highlights:1.All-Year-Round Green Decoration: This artificial monstera tree would keep green all year round and bring a sense of nature and

2 Pieces Artificial Topiary Balls Faux Boxwood Ball Plants

Highlights:1.2 PCS Lifelike Decorations: Save yourself time and money, the 2-piece artificial topiary ball set has eliminated the need of

2-Pack Artificial Boxwood Topiary Ball Tree with Orange Fruit

Highlights:1.Perfect Simulation: Each artificial ball tree contains lush leaves, a thick trunk, and dense grass to restore the natural feeling

2-Pack Artificial Cedar Topiary Ball Tree with Cement Pot

Highlights:1.Super Real Decoration: The 2-pack artificial topiary ball tree set features vivid leaves, highly imitative trunks and lush grass, all

2-Pack Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

Highlights:1.Vivid and Elegant Appearance: The artificial fiddle leaf tree comes with 100/40/32 large leaves and realistic trunks to form a

2-Pack Artificial Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree for Indoor and Outdoor

Highlights:1.Vivid and Full Appearance: This artificial plant is made to imitate the texture and details of real fiddle leaves,and is

3.3 Feet Artificial Camellia Tree for Indoor and Outdoor

Highlights:1.Gorgeous and Lifelike Floral Plant: The top part of the mottled trunk features a number of small branches, and the

30 Inch Artificial Topiary Triple Ball Tree Indoor and Outdoor UV Protection

Highlights:1.Realistic and Lifelike Appearance: Crafted to mimic the appearance of a real tree, the looking is as close to reality

36 Inch Artificial Double Ball Tree Indoor and Outdoor UV Protection

Highlights:1.Realistic and Evergreen Leaves: To make it highly realistic, the artificial tree features PE leaves to imitate the real plant.